I posted that quick thank you note to GB of Peacock and Paisleys and found that I had to do the 7 thingy thing too! Hmm…writing down 7 things about myself that I’d like to share has only taken me 3 full days, and of course, that’s coz of all the things I have to sift out that won’t get shared ;-)…). Anyway, once again, thx GB for the Stylish Blogger Award…

So the thing to do is – identify 7 bloggers and pass it on! And don’t forget, 7 things about yourself!  I’m passing on the love! So read on!

1. A huge fan of Brit comedy (no, no Raj hangover, only true honest love for good humour). Give me a Wodehouse, a Yes Minister book or TV episode, even Are you Being Served? and you can’t budge me! In recent times, I fell over so many times laughing during Death at a Funeral (2007 Apparently there’s another one of the same name made last year as well) LOL!

2. Love everything hand made. I think it started with those dainty, adorable little motifs that my grandmom used to sow on to tiny little clothes for me and my cousins, and later, for my nephews and nieces. I truly regret I didn’t save any of those.

3. If I can do something for someone, I will!

4. I can eat alone  (too!) and watch movies alone or go sit in the park alone. Only here in India, you’re considered something of a nutter to try these things out, but that’s another story!

5. Sooooo gald to have unleashed the chef in me, after all these years of dabbling in it and always being in a hurry in the kitchen!

6. LOVE my music! Grew up on rock (I wonder why classical anymusic, Indian or Western) never made a dent in those days!) and still love it. Now I have to hope I get  a half hour in a week to listen to 2 and a half songs! Whatalife!

7. And last, but not less precious, my new found penchant for blogging has made 2010 a very pleasing year indeed! Gotta love that!

So here’s to spreading the joy! Check out these 7 stylish bloggers!

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I CANNOT BE FORGIVEN FOR LEAVING OUT JAY’S RECIPE BOX AND MY DEAREST FRIEND TO BOOT! Kick me, someone! Jay – here you go! Forgive me please for I had 7 on my mind and in a muddle!!!

Haffun reading!


Kanika Bahl’s lovely creations

This blog is very new, and over the stretching months and years ahead of me I hope to capture all the colors of life. In one of the first posts on a creative person, blogger, designer, lover of all things beautiful – here’s Kanika Bahl’s giveaway event! It’s a potli key ring that captures all the colors of India!

Don’t miss viewing her lovely creations here, on her blog!