Thank YOU! Peacocks and Paisleys :)

When I started a fleeting glimpse, I thought it would contain my musings, snippets that I read and love, beautiful things that I see around me and hopefully manage to photograph decently! But design hooked me and and reeled me in gently, and I’m not surprised.

We live in a land which offers it to us in plenty. From the amazing stuff of our daily lives to the eclectic. I’ve met (virtually) so many talented bloggers and been exposed to so many things of talent and beauty, I’m glad I started!

And so this blog is still about beustiful things, but not just about me :)… It’s about all those beautiful people and things out there. And one such special person has thrilled me again today. Thanks to GB from Peacocks and Paisleys for the verrrry kind mention :). Am super-kicked!!!

1 thought on “Thank YOU! Peacocks and Paisleys :)

  1. Anu, you’re very welcome—remember tho’ you need to spill the beans on 7 secrets and pass it on to seven bloggers……………

    Enjoy your award! 🙂

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