Salvaged… wine caddy?

When I saw this at a crafts fair, with a Ms.Sarada who was selling vintage home ware from the vast, rich homes of Karaikudi (Chettinad), I knew what it would be. A wine caddy! I am not sure what old homes may have used this for. Pickle caddy, you think? Because it has this glinty metal handle screwed on to the top, so it did carry something. It was a bit chipped, but otherwise in good condition and I got it for Rs.200.

This is what it looked like.

wood stand before

Sanded it down with rough grade sand paper…

caddy sanded

My younger one helped dusting it and to varnish 🙂

jay dusting

With the first coat of varnish…


I think it needs only one coat. Will wait and see if this does it… In the meantime I had to try and check if the wine bottles fit…

wine caddy 1

wine caddy close up

They do! Or use one half to put some flowers or dried twigs in and it makes a nice appearance for a dinner party.

caddy centerpiece

The places to look out for such quaint old stuff are the crafts fairs in Bangalore, where the small sellers bring this stuff by the truckload. Ms.Sarada will be at a crafts fair at Chitra Kala Parishath on Feb 14th 2012, so do go if you want to check them out. She had at least one more piece like this one :).

More posts to follow on the other lovely stuff I picked up, later!