Glimpses of a beautiful wedding

There’s something ethereal about weddings – the atmosphere, the camaraderie and the solemnity of it all that we remember forever. It’s a day that stands for everything that two people who love each other want to hold dear to their hearts. I normally don’t get senti on occasions 🙂 but the pictures from this wedding had me touching that ‘ethereal’. And I had to share them with you.

The beautiful images are from Priscilla and Anthony Perot-Rajan’s wedding. A friend of a friend, who has SO sweetly agreed to have them up on my blog. Thank YOU Priscilla!

The decor is simple, but stunning. I simply LOVED the table setting and the centerpieces. The colours so speak to me! Everything about this venue charmed me and I hope it charms you as well.

Now I’ll just let the pictures do the talking…

Photographs are by Praveen.P.N, Peter Christopher, and Cynthia Sapna. The decor is by Blooms Unlimited and is outstanding!

the bride and groom's seatingGorgeous seating

pavilionStraight from a dream – the beautiful pavilion

pavilion_closeupRed and gold, classy and elegant

table settingCompletely charming dinner table setting

ring basketThe ring basket

table setting3More gorgeous table setting – centerpiece

table setting4I was charmed by the glimpses of a lovely day :). Hope you liked it as well 🙂