When you just can’t stop…

A lot’s been happening on the ‘hobby’ front lately! And the ‘work’ front. And the blog’s been quite neglected, I’m afraid. But I’ve had so many ideas for posts that I want to share with you… on a quaint street right behind mine here in the slightly older part of Bangalore, a unique store that retails home products, plenty of DIY ideas… but gosh, these require not just time, but a little soulful time I think. I’m finding it hard to dash off a post just because the blog needs an update.

So I’m going to talk about where my ‘hobby’ is taking me instead. Because when something’s gotten into your mind, you just can’t stop…

Just like when you don’t find that kurta with embroidered sleeves, you buy your fave colour and then embroider it yourself (and feel prettttty darn good about it!)? I looked for classic movie posters and rock music memorabilia in Bangalore to frame for my walls, didn’t find any (or found some horribly expensive ones) and decided to make some myself.

And of course, once you start, you find more than you need – so you spread the cheer around :). I’ve hunted high and low for classic, vintage movie posters, and rooted through used books and magazines stores to lay my hands on a few keepers. And since the humble abode can hold only so much, the rest are up for grabs.

And god bless events like the Soul Sante for providing just the perfect avenue to take these keepers to.

The Maltese Falcon movie poster, story by one of my fave authors. Humphrey Bogart quite the Sam Spade. In fact, the only Sam Spade. There’s also advert posters of Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, Lolita, Vertigo, Metropolis, A Night at the Opera (yes! Marx brothers), The Sound of Music…and more.

Classic_moviesIn the days of pods and pads, CD album covers which were gathering dust inside cupboards look very cool on the wall now. They need just a frame’s support.

GnR_CD album_coversJimi at Woodstock. The classic white and blue look that Jimi sported while twanging out the anthem.

Hendrix_at_WoodstockNow these little beauties are miniatures of actual tour posters of the Grateful Dead. I stumbled upon quite a treasure of them! Some will be framed in groups, some made into coasters, and some bask in their own little 4 x 6s – and the best part, there’s one poster print on each side of the print, so that’s double the groove.

Miniature_rock_concert_postersIf you love the 60s you love vinyl. And also Escher.

60s fanCould this ‘hobby’ turn into something else? Yes! More on that in the next post – as I tell you about a little venture that me and my long time friends Suman and Aiyisha are starting. Very excited, yes… and hope you will be too.