Notes, pics of stuff I find beautiful… and everything else in between.

-Anu Gummaraju

6 thoughts on “About

  1. What a lovely blog and what a lovely home you have! I’m sure it would make for a gorgeous home-tour (hint!). Loved your terrace, and other sweet nooks. 🙂

  2. GB, thanks a bunch for visiting! I’ve just started blogging, about various things, and it feels great to read you :). You flatter me with the home tour suggestion :). I have 2 little balconies only but I manage to make them look like terraces in the pics am sure!

  3. Hi…really loved the blog….esp the Jimmy poster….Just kind of want to do something on posters….please mail me on how to procure the posters….

  4. Hi . i liked your blog a lot. In one blog you have discussed about the Hybiscus garden acessories.I have a small home decor stall. id like to purchase some garden acessories .can you give me the contact person andpricelist?

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