The world of Vividha

I found this picture of the blue wall of my kids’ room. How I love this blue!

blue wallLooking at the little thingamagic on the switch reminded me of where I’d bought it. And that led to fishing for this image of the curtains in my kids’ room.


If you’re thinking of a makeover for your kids’ room to uher in the new year or about to decorate a brand new one, visit¬†Vividha. A store that brings you kids furniture, bed and bath products, stationery, accessories, tons of utilitarian products with that touch of colour and design that is totally appealing to kids! Trawl no more around the internet (or pay a packet for shipping or that vacation abroad) for these ultra cute accessories as well as large furniture.

According to their website,¬†Vividha is “the brainchild of Veena Deepak, a mother of three who understands how a friendly space for children helps nurture their creativity and other human values. We aspire to kindle curiosity and learning in today’s kids through the innovative use of Indian motifs and ethos”.

Vividha has 3 stores in Mumbai. But you can shop online. Their products are sorted by type (furniture, bed and bath, etc. ) and by theme. So you can pick a theme and go all the way or mix and match colours and motifs to suit your little ones’ imagination. Here’s a peek at some of their products. And I say peek, there’s a LOT more at their store!

call of the wild theme

The Call of the Wild theme

spring fields theme

The Spring Fields theme

sports theme

A sports theme


Giraffes on curtains, a sunny yellow


Colourful quilts


A tiny sofa. I’d love one of these for myself!


Loads of fun pitching a tent



door stopper

Door stopper

They also have a host of services for occasions related ro kids. Be sure to check them out!

All images except the first two are courtesy the Vividha website.