Cook’s nook!

It’s another blog carnival at The Keybunch, and this time it’s very close to my heart – the kitchen! So here’s my kitchen – Sharon ¬†and Rekha. And thanks a ton for asking me :).

kitchen table

The new addition to the kitchen! Shelf on top for recipe books and cereal. The small breakfast table is ideal for quick eats.

ceramic metal hooks

Ceramic hooks for my mugs, picked up at this year’s Dastakaar show.

coffee tea sugar

Coffee, tea, sugar. From Happily Unmarried.

mitts and gloves

The ceramic plate on this hook fell off, so I painted a design over cardboard and stuck it on :).


Mortar-pestle and Tharoor pottery jars for spices, more spices and teas.

kitchen spice rack

Mini spice rack, and a mango motif.


Am a mug for mugs. But the reason this pic’s here is the brinjal motif. Love my veggie motifs around the kitchen counter.

kitchen flowers