Orange week!

Orange seems to be the colour of the season! I haven’t yet tired of my orange walls…and it’s great to see more! Here’s Vandana Toreti’s orange focal wall in her Boston apartment, with a mirror from Indonesia, flanked by two beautiful tea light holders.

vandana wall 1

vandana wall 2

Thanks Vandana for sharing!

Mo’ lights from Christmas…

There is SO much colour everywhere and the festive spirit abounds! On blogs, in the streets, it’s enough to make you shout! We were traveling last weekend and just got back from a wonderful farm stay. Getting back to the city feels like coming back to a riot!

But it’s been quiet at home as friends and family are still traveling or are busy elsewhere. So here’s a quiet couple of evenings, with candles and soft light. Peace on earth…

tree1We didn’t paint the wall! It’s just the lights…

block and candles

The carved wood block…


Candle holders in shades of blue

Changed the lights to yellow and it was another sight altogether!


More blue and silver…

blue bowl

A leaf shaped diya I’d found during Diwali earlier this year. Painted the edge blue.

tableThe table…

The DIY candle holders.

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Weekend wrap-up, with Colors Dekor

Patty has this terrific weekend wrap-up thingy going on at Color Dekor for a few weeks now. With me, I dunno how each week blurs into the weekend and blurs right back into a busy as hell week sgain! Even when I wanted to do a weekend wrap-up post it’s ended up being last weekend’s and a bit of the past week thrown in :D.

The last weekend was a weekend of arrivals. My Chumbak stuff arrived in the mail, delivered just 2 days after placing the order. Wow.

chumbak tins

You know you are Indian because…

chumbak tin detail


chumbak paper

Gift wrap from Chumbak

Then I’d picked up this beautiful tray at Kala Madhyam. It is black pottery from rajasthan and I was wondering where I’d put it.

black potteryThen I remembered some shells and simple coral still sitting in a bag from our vacation to The Andamans earlier this year. And here they are.

shells plantAnd then these beauties arrived in the mail too :). There’s something about the jewellery that Susmitha makes, see for yourself here. And most adorable is the pendant she made specially for me! It has all my family’s names on it. Glee :).

jwlry1My trip to Howards Storage World had also landed me the cutest canisters. They came with their own chalk and all. From Casa Mia.

pasta tins

pasta tins 2

They look perfect for this shelf 🙂

pasta tins 3So that was thee weekend and a half! I’ve enjoyed doing this so much Patty! Linking up to your weekend wrap-up now!