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The first glimpse I had of pictures of a workshop in wood, I was hooked. Not that I just love the light wood colour of pine or rubber wood, that seemed piled up all over the workshop at Esthete, and in some very eye catching shapes and textures, but that Esthete and its products represent everything that I root for. Good design, new functional design, and recycling. The wood that make up most of Esthete’s products is reclaimed pine wood and Hamsa Vardhan, the force behind Esthete says, ‘the main aim of Esthete is to design and create products that enhance the human living environment with minimal environmental impact’. An ideology that is crucial, if we are to sustain the planet for any number of years to come.

So if you are looking for creative ideas in wood furniture, furniture made with reclaimed wood and some very different concepts in home and office accessories, ceramics, and more in Bangalore, this is the place to visit! Here is just a glimpse of some interesting pieces of furniture and lamps.


Hamsa calls this the Lotus. With good reason. He invited us to sit on it and true enough, the height and depth of the sofa makes you want to get into the ‘padma asan’ or lotus position, with legs folded up and comfortable.

And this is a round dining or chit chat table, with little curved benches that fit neatly under the table when you are not using them. Very space saving and compact!

round table and seats

And the benches can take different avatars depending on your mood… a curvy and fun seating space, placed like this…

quarter seats

…or make any number of interesting combos with 2, 3 or all 4.

Hamsa also designs accessories like this lamp, made from salvaged timber slats.


And here is what graces my room, designed specifically with multiple draws for the numerous bits and pieces of paper, cloth, cardboard and you name it that I am hoarding these days, so they can be reused!

study table

Apart from the chair and the floating shelves, my fave’s got to be the sewing machine ‘cosy’ which Hamsa was delighted to make. The chip board, which is really chips and shards of wood bound together make for great reuse of the wood-industry collateral and also provide a refreshing texture that breaks the monotony of plain surfaces!

He says, ‘I believe in building things to last. So my furniture is sturdy and intended to last a few generations. We seem to have lost the feeling good factor of things that are handed down in families. Instead of having short shelf lives, I want my products to last customers a long time’.

To read more about Hamsa and see other products visit here and the blog here.

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