Misty morning cuppa

What’s with Bangalore I ask? Why, oh why is it pretending to be London, ask others. Whatever this city is trying to do, it’s succeeding – in making it feel like the Scottish moors on a windy day. Yes, winter’s officially here. It’s not just the dipping temps this time…it’s the will-it-ever-stop rain. I mean, right into DecEMber?? And only a cuppa chai can beat that on a Wednesday morning… Thank god for tea.



5 thoughts on “Misty morning cuppa

  1. 🙂 You want cold? Come visit! :)–but you’ve lived in the new england area right?–new hampshire I think? so you know cold then!

    anyhoo, love your terracotta & that tea cup is delightful!—hope you enjoy the cold– make some fried crunchies to go with that cha.

  2. I pass, Gagan! U’re probably dealing with sub zero.. brrr.. I always used to wonder when my fingers would fall off in NH ;-). Sigh..fried crunchies would hit the spot, no doubt..now I must post pics of that if I do!

  3. hmm…well, there has been so much snow in LOndon since yesterday…and yes, nothing like a good morning cuppa….i am sitting with one in my hand gazing away at snow covered lawn, bushes, cars and the houses….

  4. hmm…i can understnad…i was so excited the first time i saw snow….I’d love to show them snow here…let me know if u have plans for a visit..or if they wanna visit alone…they r very welcome..

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