Traditionally India – in wood

This beautiful piece of carved and painted wood is from Central Cottage Industries as well, which I’ve rediscovered after so long! They were tucked away in a bottom shelf and only when dusted did i spot the beautiful blues, reds, and pinks in this piece.

wood carving 1They are bought in pairs and fixed to the wall to hang lamps and other artifacts from. I thought one would look great just by itself.

wood carving 2

Does anyone know which part of India they are made in? I tried to Google it but without a starting point other than wood carvings in India, it’s a far shot!

wood carving 4

8 thoughts on “Traditionally India – in wood

  1. Love the carved piece—somehow, it reminds me of the details put into temple door-posts/pillars. But what I like even more is how you’ve styled it—that simple wooden stand+ brass urli and the orange wall—priceless!

  2. There is a less colourful but equally gorgeous version of this hanging in my parents’ home too. They have hung them on either side of an entrance way, framing it. I agree with GB, it always reminded me of temples 🙂 I am quite sure they are made in South India.

  3. Hi Anu,
    Wonderful space you have..these are made in Andhar pradesh and tamil nadu… I have a couple of them too from a local crfats fair….the colored ones are usually from chittor, Andhrapradesh…

    p.s : sorry typed it earlier for the wrong post…

  4. I was searching for this badly as I have seen this at one of my friend`s place ….she had bought it from bangaluru long back and misplaced the address of the workshop….. plzz give me the address anyone…..

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