Chalk signs?

Saw this very interesting display in Cairns recently. The text looks hand written and the graphics hand drawn. Only when I saw similar signs in other restaurants did I realize they were prints! It has a very personal, mom and pop store kind of feel and I love the colours! Only the prices are filled in by hand…

restaurant sign

4 thoughts on “Chalk signs?

  1. There was this restaurant that I had gone to in Delhi – way back in 95. The lady who ran the place changed the menu everyday and she would write it with a chalk on a black board. It was a very interesting concept. Recently, we went to this restaurant in Ithaca, NY and that place comes up with a diff menu each day – so they just print the menus everyday. This place has an all veggie menu except for one fish dish. Everything changes day to day. These small details tend to stay with you for a lifetime. I remember another small hole in the wall kind of place in San Diego. The lady had put together furniture from various flea markets – not one chair or table matched another. But the food and atmosphere was out of this world. She would make her food at home and sell it at the restaurant. Very tasty veggie burger …

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