Water features in small gardens

There’s something so serene about water spaces surrounded by lush green. Just looking at pictures of Japanese gardens with their still ponds, ferns and rushes and miniature sculptures takes me back to a time when time itself seemed to slow down to let us savor the beauty of a dawn.

It’s quite a struggle to reach this state of nirvana in cities these days though, with the 4X4 spaces we have to be content with most of the time. I wanted to somehow incorporate some water into my balcony garden and used to crawl the net for ideas.

Then of course, My Sunny Balcony came and did a lovely urli water feature for us. More on that soon! Here are some lovely green and water-rich spaces MSB has created in the homes of people and offices. Their work dots Bangalore and makes it a greener place. And boy, what you can do in small spaces! MSB is a brave, fun and very addictive concern started by dear friend Reena and her 3 associates Athreya, Sriram and Shailesh in Bangalore. if you haven’t checked them out already, do!







msb8I leave you with these lovely images while I go take pics of my balcony garden 🙂

9 thoughts on “Water features in small gardens

  1. I am looking for maiden hair ferns in Bangalore. Do you know where I can get them ? I have looked in many nurseries already.

  2. Hi Jeff, maiden hair ferns were available in a couple of nurseries in the Siddapura area in South Bangalore. Siddapura is next to Lalbagh and the area was full of nurseries earlier, many of which are still functional. Let me know if you need detailed directions.

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