Got to love the colours of the season!

Hmmm.. it’s not turning out to be best pre-holiday season with my younger one ill. Keeping fingers crossed that he will be fine soon and we can all get into the holiday mood. I’ve not been able to do much except of course, get a little tree up with Sid. He was maha excited about putting up the ornaments we made :). So here’s a quick post, this is all the time I have for a post right now! I hope all of you are swinging through this week 🙂 and getting ready for an exciting weekend ahead!  Merry Christmas!

tree1The tree with the ornaments

tree3The recycled plastic and gift wrap ones…

tree4Lit up!

Linking up to The Keybunch carnival, Patty’s Weekend Wrap Up and Liven Things Up! I hope to be back with more news from around the house very soon! ‘Til then, take care!

4 thoughts on “Got to love the colours of the season!

  1. The natural christmas tree looks lovely… And Oh ! Are you growing it inside your home ?!!?!!?? THose handmade ornaments are soo beautiful. ..! And did u make those with your little one..?! He might have been so excited to see them on the tree….
    Thanks for joining the party, dear !!!

    Have a great Christmas and a very happy New Year !!!

  2. Emreen, so nice to hear from you! The tree is so little that it’s in a pot now. I guess we’ll keep the pot in the balcony and see how it does in a pot :). Yeah Sid did help with the ornaments and he was quite excited! Hope you had a fab Christmas and have a wonderful new year!

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