Kerala Mural Art

I came across Sujith at the Kala Madhyam crafts mela last week and the colours of the Kerala mural art quite swept me off my feet.

kerala mural painting2

They are vibrant and catch the eye from like, a mile away! Looking closer, the mural art which is now painted on wood, bamboo most popularly, is extremely intricate. Fine lines, human contours (or should I say godly contours) traced with delicacy and colored with abandon.

kerala mural painting3

I looked it up and found they are called Kerala mural art (couldn’t quite find a name that signifies it). One of the more popular resources seems to be  Suresh Muthukalam’s work.

Sujith paints Kerala murals on bamboo and on framable materials.

kerala mural painting1

Cute things come in small packages and I also loved his art adapted for jewellery!

mural art on jewelleryMural art on wood jewellery

mdf jewelleryBut this took the cake! MDF board, shaped, smoothened and sketched on. I HAD to have one of these :).

Sujith can be contacted at, where he blogs (though the blog hasn’t been updated very recently.

He exhibits at various events in Bengaluru. He can be contacted at the following as well.
‘Phone: 09446085654 / 09495891092

7 thoughts on “Kerala Mural Art

  1. I have a feeling I have met Sujith at one of the craft fairs too! And yes, I am a huge fan too- I now deeply regret not buying something from him that day. I had spent so much money that by the time I got to his stand, I was guilty.

  2. Thanks for the article.. I was searching for some good artist for Kerela Murals. Reached your blog and could contact Sujith. thnaks so much..

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