Recycle! DIY Christmas decor – Part II

Hey folk :)! Here’s part 2 of the Christmas decor DIY. I realise I’ve sooooooo missed working on stuff with my hands. It’s been practically 2 decades since I tried my hand at anything decor. And I’m having so much fun with this! In Part I there were Chritmas tree ornaments.

This time it’s simple glasses decorated to make tealight holders. I’ve reused glasses that I had. And the nice thing is, if you use a simple glue, you can always scrub off the decorations after the festive season and reuse the glasses again. Use them to put lights or flowers, or dried decorative twigs, or get the idea…

Linking up the The Keybunch and to Liven Things Up again! Also linking up Patty’s fun weekend wrap up!

decorated glass tealight holders

Use whatever paper you have handy. Discarded gift wrap, wax paper that comes in wrappings of watches or jewellery, anything colourful and that will let some light through. Here goes…

For the starlight glass, cut your stars at least 1 and 1/2 inches big from the paper.

glass 1

To cut star outlines, fold one point of the star in half. Make a cut inside the star’s outer edge, like this.

glass 2

Getting a leverage on this cut, gently cut around the star’s outer edge. Use a small scissors for this bit.

glass 3Now you have an outline and if you’ve cut carefully, a little star too.

glass 4Use glue to stick the stars and the outlines on to a simple glass.

glass 5

Put a tealight and watch the stars come alive :).

star candle holder

For the other two glasses – I wrapped an orange wax paper around one and yellow cellophane paper around the other. Just cut the paper to size, glue one edge to the glass and wrap the paper around and seal the other edge. As easy as that!

glass 6

8 thoughts on “Recycle! DIY Christmas decor – Part II

  1. Anu—you’re really getting into the swing of things! Check out my post today for another very easily adaptable DIY (though I didn’t really mention it there—all she’s done is wrap paper around glasses and tie them with twine—much less permanent!) Loved your little stars, hope to see more DIYs soon………… πŸ™‚

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