Sunshine table linen

It’s been forever since I visited the Central Cottage Industries Emporium. Was a time when a monthly visit was routine when it was one of the few places retailing crafts from all over India. With the advent of scores of stores showcasing every imaginable art and craft form from the country, I think this beautiful showroom has seen lesser shoppers. But it still has some very beautiful things, and I found some gorgeous table linen which I couldn’t find in the other new stores… Incidentally, I just remembered that the cream and yellow ceramic plates are also from CCIE, but from 10 years ago!



I’m not perfect with the art of setting a table but put the spoons and forks any way you like, and it still looks nice 🙂

table napkin

table setting

2 thoughts on “Sunshine table linen

  1. Gorgeous Anu!–loved your chai holder centerpiece as well!–such a neat Idea! CCIE (delhi) used to be one of my fave haunts, even when I was a (relatively poor) student………This was since before the days of dilli haat!

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