Fall 2010 in Vermont, by Shobha

Every time I see pictures of fall in north eastern America, I get nostalgic as hell. The time we spent in New Hampshire is unforgettable. Its absolutely amazing to see the changing seasons, through a hot summer, a lovely fall, a cruel but fascinating winter and the next year’s welcoming sun…

So when Shobha visited Vermont and captured those lovely hues, I couldn’t but help going down memory lane… She’s graciously allowed me to post some of the pictures here.

yellow and blueyellow and blue

fire in the skyfire in the sky

a red burst

it’s almost christmas

burst of orange

burst of orange

lakehow can you not fall in love?

reflected fall

reflected fall

shades of ochre

shades of ochre – my all time fave colour


woods. there was a spot exactly like this a couple of miles behind where we lived in Manchester


The last few hanging on, but not sure the howling wind spared them – Shobha

fallen, but not from gracefallen, but not from grace

All pictures by Shobha Suryanarayan

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