Kanakambara blooms!

You bring home flowering plants from the nursery and they look so great for a few days. But don’t you just hate it when the first blooms dry away and then they never flower again?! But these trusty kanakambaras bloomed…again! Oh joy 🙂

kanakambara 2

Against the pot holder that’s also a candle holder

kanakambara 3

The tree of life

kanakambara 4

Little dragonflies for company

6 thoughts on “Kanakambara blooms!

  1. OMG! I LOVE your little vignettes! How about a home tour sometime?

    How cute are the dragonflies–I’m guessing you drew the warli—it certainly isn’t traditional to find dragonflies—excellent job. I’m so inspired to try my hand at some warli work!

  2. Gagan :)… home tour, soon! I’m completely missing seating right now in my living room, since my in-laws had to move and take some furniture with them! Waiting for my new one to arrive, so will definitely share once the home looks complete.
    I didn’t do the warli tho. Got it done by Madhyam (http://www.kalamadhyam.org/gallery_murals.htm). They used to have artists come over from the towns to the cities and do orders. I guess they still have the service. Dragonflies are new, but I suppose the artists are picking up new motifs :). The two who did my place were from Maharashtra and they were really good!

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