September Blog Carnival: Say it with flowers na!

I’m on my first link party on a design blog, and YES! its a great feeling. Rekha and Sharon run this lovely blog, The Keybunch and they’re having a link party – saying it with flowers! Happy 2nd, The Keybunch!

So here are pics from flowers in pots, in urlis and in vases from my home. When I started looking for pics of flowers through my archive, I had no idea I’d come up with so many. Some of them are from the past in my home and they sure bring back memories. I’m glad I saved all of them! Thanks Rekha for asking me. I had so much fun doing this.

Carnations. Rose petals. During a Diwali.

LiliesI think these are lilies 🙂

Pink lilyA first pink lily

champak spatikaChampak and spatika. When Nature makes the colors, there’s no beating her!

Ivy geraniumOne of the many reasons why I love my balcony! Redder than blood ivy geraniums.

bunch of rosesA whole bouquet on a stem!

chrysanthemumsChrysanthemums on my balcony

gerberaA solitary gerbera drives solitude away

water lilyMy pink water lily that did so well for a while

begoniaPink Crown of Thorns in the background. White begonia in the foreground.

floating gerberasGerberas keep the company of lights

There are two more – sunny yellow kanakambara and ixora which I had posted just a few days ago. They’re right here, so I’m not going to post them again.

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