Bimba – The Art Hut

Bimba is tucked away in what looks like a service street but is actually 5th Main Road, at Jayanagar 4th Block. It is housed off the lovely tree studded 4th Main double road, which provides the perfect surroundings for a store which tries to find nature and art in everything it touches. It is unmistakable in yellow, with pottery and stone sculptures meeting you at the entrance. In the entryway is a small fully functioning loom which the folk at the store will gladly demonstrate for you.

The artist behind the store is Deepika Dorai. Her repertoire stretches over a wide range of art and design in such a variety of materials. And the store reflects the same. A seat made from a section of a coconut tree came from a time when Deepika saw a felled tree being carted away. A beautifully carved door restored from the demolition of an old house is now a gleaming shelf. Swings, tables, and shelves made from retrieved furniture dot the store.

(The images are of things that I have bought at the store.)

This shelf takes form from pieces of carved wood, retrieved by the artist.

Retrieved wooden shelfAnother little shelf which rests on a surface or can be hung on a wall, brought to life by fitting together bits of old carved furniture.

Sitting shelfShe crafts peethams (small, low stools), trays, bowls and numerous other functional pieces in wood which are beautifully Indian in design. A hand painted yellow peetham, painted by Deepkia Dorai.

had painted peetam

Apart from furniture, the store houses fabrics and apparel that come from Deepika’s association with Indian weavers. Sarees, kurtas, clothes for children and dupattas and stoles in cotton add a profusion of color to the space. It’s fun to browse the store to find numerous other materials that she works with. Cloth coasters, footwear for children in jute and cork, hand made greeting cards, paintings, artefacts in terra cotta, candle holders in wrought iron, lanterns, to name a few. Coasters in all the colours of India.


The first floor of the store houses the larger pieces of restored or re-made furniture. Sofas, cupboards, benches and more. She believes that nothing is waste and salvages most of the material that she works with. Some of the merchnadise also comes from other artists that she is associated with.

The store holds exhibitions every few months with these artists. Send them your e-mail address (to or register with them at the store to receive updates on the exhibitions.

Bimba is: Located at: 256/A, 36th Cross, 5th Main,

Jayanagar 4th Block, Bangalore – 560011

‘Phone: (080) 41489354 | 9886635069

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