Tea time of the soul

When it is 11 in the AM and the only thing to do on a Saturday is get that cup of tea outdoors and spot shapes in the clouds that go by. Or try make a tune out of that bee buzzing by.

My balcony is small, but it’s still the place I love to have my cuppa chai. There’s a lovely terra cotta pot holder, or base if I could call it that. It’s my pot holder, lamp holder and at times a base for a little tea table. I just use different “table tops” to keep tea, or coffee time, fresh. Trays in wood, ceramic, metal… they all make fine table tops. Contemplating using a slightly larger top, with 2 small seats to make a table for two for a cosy dinner.

tea in wood

tea in ceramic

This hand painted yellow ‘peetam’ (low table) is from Bimba, The Art Hut. Colors to cheer any mood!

painted tea

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