Serendipity at Dastakar 2010, Bengaluru

if there’s one crafts fair to wait for in bean town, it’s dastakar. sigh.. truly a craft-lover’s delight. here are my finds this year…

hand painted ceramic and metal hooks for my coffee/chai mugs.

ceramic metal hooks

A painted bottle. it does look like the painting’s been done on paper and then stuck on. either way, it’s beautiful!

painted bottle

Madhubani on papier mache. she looks like a slightly worried Ms.Champa to me…

papier mache doll

Loved the brightly attired lady with the pot, doesn’t have a name yet…

papier mache doll 2

jute and cotton basket, karnataka

jute cotton basket

stole from kashmir and slippers with mirror work from gujarat 🙂

stole and slippers

and finally, the tree of life. applique curtain

applique curtain

4 thoughts on “Serendipity at Dastakar 2010, Bengaluru

  1. Divya, am so glad you visited :)! And took time off to comment, made my day! Truly, Dastakar is a craft lover’s paradise! You should plan to visit India in dec. There are so many lovely craft fairs here at that time.

  2. loved your blog.loved the home tour featured in another blog while going through Google reader.sorry forgot the name.loved everything in your home,the cup hooks,the paper mache dolls,the painted bottles and yes had to be mentioned first the swing .my five year old daughter just loved it and wanted one right away.will check Thar store sometime.

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